760. Porto Days 5 to 7 | & Travel Day to Last Palmas!

Porto leftbanked

I'm writing this post shortly before we leave for the airport here in Porto. I may update again and publish it during our layover in Madrid - which I am not looking forward to! This is just a final post with the rest of the photos taken from the past few days.

**Now we are sitting at the Madrid airport, waiting to board the flight to Las Palmas. Flying from Porto to Madrid, I had some slight issues because apparently Spain is closed to foreigners now. We got it sorted out eventually.

Porto loft airbnb
Here is another photo from our place. I didn't show this view in yesterday's photos. I'm sad to leave it!

Portugal souvenir

Travelling long-term/for an indefinite amount of time..with already 2 suitcases each..I am trying to limit the souvenirs I get from each place from 0 to 1 per country. At first I thought this would be the only souvenir I bring back from Portugal (I even got it in the smallest size!), before I remembered I also bought a book from Livraria Lello here and a canned salmon from Azores lol. I will do better from now on...

Voltaria Porto
Last night's dinner at Voltaria. So good!

Amorino gelato Aveiro Portugal

A few days ago we visited this little town about 45min away from Porto called Aveiro. If you search it on Google, it looks really really nice. Kind of like Venice. But in reality, we didn't find it that special at all. It looks wayyy nicer in (Google's) photos than in person. The food at the restaurant we went was really good though.

Aveiro Portugal Aveiro Portugal Aveiro Porto Aveiro boats Aveiro food Aveiro Portugal Largo Sao Domingos Porto Hungry Biker breakfast Casa Portuguesa Pastel de Bacalhau Puro 4050 Pasteis de Nata Castro Porto Foz do Douro Bar Tolo Foz

The day before we left we decided to visit Foz, a town an hour walk from Porto. We walked all the way there then stopped for lunch at a place called Bar Tolo. I really liked it there. I got this squid ink seafood linguine. It was soooo good. Then it started to rain after we finished so unfortunately we couldn't explore more, and just took an uber back. Foz is known for nice views of the ocean and beach clubs, since it's right on the coast.


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  1. I visited Aveiro and it's really small indeed!


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