762. Canary Islands Part 2 | Beach Days

Las Canteras Beach

The past couple mornings we have gone to the beach to relax for a bit before starting our day. I bring a book to read and work on my tan (I am pretty dark already). I brought 6 books on this trip and haven't had time to read until now. It's nice to get back into it again. I wish I had more time to read though..even though it seems like I've been relaxing a lot here I've also been pretty busy with work.

It's Thanksgiving now in Canada (Happy Thanksgiving!). It's strange to miss the Fall season this year and I do miss baking all my pumpkin things. So far it feels like a really long summer.

The Sixth Extinction Las Canteras Beach beach umbrella
An accidental shot I took while laying down. Was about to delete it but I thought it looked cute.

Delicious croquettes from a restaurant called Samoa

Triana cafe
Visiting the neighbourhood of Triana

Triana neighbourhood Triana Las Palmas Triana street Las Palmas Gran Canaria Las Palmas Gran Canaria
It was about an hour walk from where we are staying (beside Las Canteras beach) to Triana.

El Gallo Feliz Las Palmas
Dinner one night at El Gallo Feliz. I really liked it! This vegetable soup was delicious and overflowing with vegetables.

El Gallo Feliz Las Palmas
By the time our mains came it was already dark. I got the schnitzel.

El Gallo Feliz Restaurant Las Canteras Beach


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