761. Canary Islands Part 1 | Our 3rd Anniversary

Las Palmas Canary Islands

We've now arrived and settled into our new home for the next month - Las Palmas in Gran Canaria/Canary Islands! This is quite a different kind of vacation than I've ever had before. I've never done a resort type, beach vacation in the past. I've never even gone to the beaches in or around Toronto to just relax. When I travel somewhere I usually prefer to do things and sightsee rather than lay on the beach (plus I don't swim anyway) but since we are not really on a typical "vacation", it's nice to spend some time here.

I am liking it so far. But to be honest, when we first arrived, I didn't think I would enjoy it. I'm much more used to city life (or somewhere with a lot of beautiful nature like Azores last month)..and coming here from Porto which I loved a lot, was a drastic difference. The city parts; buildings and architecture in Las Palmas are not nice at all. The designs are all pretty old like 50s or 60s style and they don't maintain them well (some buildings have visible rust, peeling paint, etc). It doesn't look like typical Europe here. We are pretty close to Africa so there are some African influences. It's probably a slim chance but since we are so close to Morocco..I hope we will be able to take a quick trip there during this month.

I really love that the weather is always nice here. It's always warm and sunny (mid 20s degrees). They only get something like 8 days of rain per year. I also like the beach area a lot. We are just a block away from Las Canteras Beach which has a super long stretch of restaurants. So we will spend most of our time here and try to go to the beach every morning. I look forward to getting a lot of reading done. The place we are staying is also really nice.

Las Palmas Canary Islands Las Palmas Canary Islands Las Palmas Canary Islands Las Palmas Canary Islands
This is what the streets look like in the city areas. I will take more photos next time.

Las Palmas Canary Islands El Santo Restaurante

A couple days ago it was my boyfriend and I's 3 year anniversary! I can't believe how fast time flies. Last year I would have never thought we would be celebrating our anniversary here. We went for dinner at a restaurant called El Santo and had their tasting menu. It was really good! Everything had a unique taste (like the oyster was kind of sweet) and was beautifully presented. I liked every dish except for the potatoes. I found them WAY too flavourful and salty.

El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante El Santo Restaurante leftbanked despacito anniversary


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