763. Canary Islands Part 3 | La Isleta and Las Coloradas

Isleta Las Coloradas

A few days ago we walked from our area to Isleta, which is on the north eastern tip of Gran Canaria island (if you look on a map, it's the little section that sticks out from an otherwise fairly round island). I really enjoyed this walk and the scenery along the way. We hiked up a mountain to see this view of a cute little town called Las Coloradas.

Here are some photos from the route, starting with the end of Las Canteras beach.

Las Palmas Amigo Camilo Las Palmas Las Palmas
This blue and yellow building is actually someone's house! So cool.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria Las Palmas El Confital Beach
Down to El Confital Beach. It was pretty unique. It's more of a rock than sand beach.

El Confital Beach Gran Canaria hiking
On the way up the mountain..

Isleta Gran Canaria Prickly Pear
Prickly pear plant

Gran Canaria Canary Islands
View from the top!
Way on the other side is where we are staying. It looks like a far distance but I didn't feel the walk was that long at all.

Las Coloradas
Then we walked down the mountain and towards Las Coloradas (the little town in the first photo of this post)

El Padrino Restaurante
We were pretty exhausted by the time we arrived so sat to have a drink and some fruits. It was so refreshing.

Gran Canaria Canary Islands
Heading back to our area/Las Canteras Beach

Las Canteras Gran Canaria Taberna Chica Las Canteras beach Las Palmas surfing Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach Las Palmas palm trees Gran Canaria Canary Islands

The day after. It was a national holiday in Spain (Fiesta Nacional de EspaƱa) and the weather was really nice..so the beach was pretty packed. There weren't any special festivities though. I guess the residents of these islands don't really identify with being from Spain since they are quite a distance away.


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