758. Porto Day 2 | Cathedral, Sao Bento Station, Etc.

leftbanked Porto

Now I finally have a bit of time to make another post from Porto! The last few days were quite eventful. My boyfriend's parents came to visit us for a couple of days. His hometown/where they live in Spain is only a few hours' drive away from Porto.

I think I said this many times already (and if you follow me on social media you'd know) but I really love Porto. The architecture, streets and overall atmosphere is so nice. We are also staying in the PERFECT location! We've been getting good weather. We got lucky again because it was forecasted to rain nonstop the entire week. But so far, it has been sunny and warm every day (like low 20s degrees).

Here are some photos from our second day here. We walked around the city to Sao Bento Station (we are a few min walk from here), the Cathedral, and around the river/Ribeira which we seem to walk to every day (we are also a few min walk away). One thing I've noticed is that people seem to be living like normal here. In Toronto, the streets and restaurants are mostly empty..or at least they were when we left. Here, a lot of people are still out on the streets, eating at restaurants, etc. The only difference is wearing masks. Porto's population is fairly small though so it's not completely packed which is nice.

Sao Bento Station Sao Bento Station
Inside Sao Bento station

Porto Streets Porto streets View of Porto

I also love the fact that the city is really "hilly" and most streets are not straight. Almost all the streets are on an incline with twists and turns. It's tiring to walk but it adds to the charm of the city.

Porto Cathedral Porto Cathedral Porto Cathedral Porto Cathedral leftbanked despacito Porto Porto streets

I also love these little hidden streets where you can get lost in..just a quick turn from the main areas. They feel really "local" and often have old grandmothers passing their time, looking out from the windows and balconies. We realized this is quite a popular activity here (and in Azores) lol.

cats in Porto Porto Ribeira View of Porto Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau
A really luxurious store selling cod cakes (which included an organ player!)

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau Largo Sao Domingos
The square we are staying in. Full of nice restaurants and live music every night!

Cantina 32
Dinner at Cantina 32. The squid was soooo good.

Cod Bacalhau a Bras


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