71. Moroco Chocolat

A couple things I got from Hong Kong..I have such an obsession with YSL and gold + black lately. My new Y-Mail clutch and my new phone!! It's the LG Secret Gold Edition. When I bought it, I was simply looking for a gold phone. & of course one that I couldn't get in Canada. Well I got this even though LG is popular here BUT I just found out...the gold edition is only sold in Asia!!! So at least it's still exclusive lol. The regular silver version is available here though. I also dropped it on the street for the first time today which nearly caused a heart attack.

Taking a short break from my vacation pictures..here are pictures from what I did today. It's sort of weird - I was away from Toronto for nearly a month and now that I'm back..I feel like I was never gone.
So my friend & I went to Moroco Chocolat earlier.

We ordered the smores. They were delicious and so fun to make - first you impale a chocolate dipped marshmallow onto a tiny pitchfork, then hold it over the faux campfire (1 inch away) for about two minutes until it melted..then spread it on a cookie with a piece of chocolate on top.

Then a nice walk back home through the U of T campus. Was given a white rose along the way. I was dressed all in black, red heels and holding the white rose - apparently I looked like I was attending a funeral.


  1. Your new phone is pretty! I like the way black and gold look together! :)

    I must visit Canada! The MoRoCo place looks divine! Can I seriously live vicariously through you?! :P

  2. oh sweeet i'm gonna go there to get some too.

    it's macarons in french but some westerners call them macaroons even though the official version of macaroons are those baked coconut flakes pastries.

  3. p.s. everyone here's obsessed with macarons too, but the ones i got weren't as good as the ones i had in montreal :( oh well, still better than nothing! aha, toronto sucks

  4. Your new phone looks good!

    Sometimes I don't dare to go in some store too, most of the time it's when there's nobody in a tiny luxous store but there's 3 or 5 SA waiting for a client haha.

    If you like macaron you should check laduree website.

  5. the new phone is really cool!I really love that wallet/hand bag/clutch.... haha it's my fav YSL, I normally don't like that brand a lot, like not my style but that wallet is super cute and looks amazing to go out as a clutch. Last year they took it over here on the sales, they only had it one month and I arrived late because it was all sold, I am hoping this summer they get it again back

    seems your friend and you had fun. Over here nothing opens on sunday :( and we don't have H :(
    that MoRoCo restaurant seems perfect!I like places like that

  6. try Amadeus but its near clark and bathurst, for your lovely macaroons : ) nice y-mail clutch! i love ysl's y-mail line... i love i gold y-mail i saw on their site! btw MoRoCo is a very nice place, the decor there is jet black with white motifs you should love it :)

  7. I'm not usually a fan of cell phones and the like, but that phone is damn sexy.

  8. Joli: yes, you should come..I'll be your guide lol. hahaha sure..though my life is pretty boring most of the time

    Alice: ooh I didn't know that lol. macarons are supposed to have soft centres though aren't they? the "macarons" from pusateri's were hard on the inside..like a brownie =\

    Alex: yea, me too..I hate that. Then when someone goes in, all the SAs turn to look and analyze the customer up and down to see if they should help or not lol
    I know Laduree.....but unfortunately there aren't any in Toronto. I saw Laduree in Tokyo though!! But my mom didn't want to eat there..=(

  9. GG: yea it's really nice..and it's to celebrate the 150th anniversary of YSL =D hope you get it!
    places like MoRoCo are so rare here..we're trying to find more like it hahah

    angeee: hahah ooh my old high school was there (st.e) I always passed by but never went it. one of these days when I go back to my parents' house I'll visit it =D

    Seth: get a cell phone!

  10. AHHHH I LOVE MOROCO omg their macarons are seriously THE best, like they are amazing. you can also get fondue to go from the shop and they make it on the spot. it's sooo good!

  11. Hahah then I'm definately going down again.... tomorrow maybe
    Yea I saw the fondue!! Definately gonna try that too =D

  12. i wanna try macaroons...not sure if we even have them in england but they look tasty :P


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