92. Shallow water. No diving.

I didn't sleep on saturday night. I was up until 8am in the morning with my friend..who unfortunately doesn't remember ANYTHING from that night as he was quite drunk lol. I wish I could post all the pictures I took but he would literally kill me if I do.

After dinner, a bar, our lobby bar, shots, we went to the fitness center/patio. My friend got the idea to throw an empty Rev bottle into the pool so he had to use the stick thing to fish it back out. Then we went around the other areas of our building where I took some embarrassing photos I'm not allowed to post.

Eventually we ended up at Fran's (the usual) for middle-of-the-night breakfast.

At 7am we started the journey back home, walking past City Hall and the Sheraton Hotel, where we stopped for a game of chess (first photo of this post) Then we made it back home for some hours to sleep.

After waking up + lunch, we went to CNE/The Ex. It was really fun. We went on a few rides..also tried bumper cars which didn't go so well because I don't even know how to drive those things!! For half the time I just stayed in one spot..and at one point I kept spinning around in circles. It was funny and completely embarassing at the same time..the bumper car guy had to walk in to teach me how to step on the pedal. A little girl behind me was also like "do you even know how to drive it?!"



  1. You sound like you don't need sleep at all!

  2. yea lol..another week of this then school's gonna consume my life


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