97. Je ne veux pas travailler

A few nights ago, Chris Rock had his premiere party for Good Hair at my building's ballroom. Lots of paparazzi and fans at our back entrance. I'm not that into celebrities so I didn't recognize anyone who came besides Chris Rock. I tried taking a picture of him when he came but it was way too hard - he immediately got surrounded by paparazzi..

Strawberry Daiquiri at my bar
Chocolate Martini at Canoe



  1. Congratz for your internship. Will you do it during holidays?
    I wanted to talk with you on msn but it looks like you are never available :P

  2. thanks..lol no I just finished my holidays. I'm gonna be doing it during school (the internships that we do don't have to be full time)

    I've been quite busy these days, sorry!

  3. hey tiffany, i have a really quick question about applying to your fashion comm. program...i was wondering how soon was your portfolio due after you got the non academic requirements reminder letter? i really want to apply but i feel like i'm not going to have enough time to finish my portfolio :S

  4. hmm I really don't remember lol sorry =\ I THINK portfolios are usually due around march? or maybe that's when you get your acceptance letter..I don't remember but good luck!

  5. awww good luck with the interning!!! sounds ahhhmazing!


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