93. Contains no DBP, toluene, or fomaldehyde

My building is the small skinny one.
I woke up this morning wearing the clothes I had on last night..with all the lights in my room turned on. I had a feeling last night when I walked in my room that I would end up just passing out on my bed. I spent the night yesterday down at the bar. For the first time in weeks, I had a "typical 1 King West bar" night. I met a few crazy people, drank and took shots with them, & some other things..haven't had a night like that in awhile so it was good. I met a fashion photographer guy who has been living in my building for years, yet we never met before yesterday (he told me he spends 90% of the time in NYC though). There was another man there..we met a couple times before. He just bought a really nice restaurant/lounge place down at Yorkville. At the end of the night he kept asking me to go up to his room (with another guy I just met last night..who was incredibly hyper with really red eyes. Realize now he was probably on coke)

After those two were gone, another two men started talking to me. To be honest I always thought they were gay (they don't live here permanently but I've seen them a couple times). Turns out they weren't. One guy kept touching my hair & then my jeans at the back (there's wings up at the butt area) and saying all these things about going upstairs to his room for a quickie..or something. Oh and the room they were staying in was on the same floor as where I live. I eventually found a way to leave and came up safely by myself.

After all the weeks of nothing incredibly interesting happening down at the lobby, yesterday night felt like the old days again. Well actually I think everyone's been acting different lately. I'm not sure.

A couple nights ago I ate seafood down at the bar with Henri. Most people know that I never eat seafood but I decided to try it that day since Henri said he caught the fish himself. First we tried some smoked salmon..loved it. Then Walleye (I think?) mixed with corn. & finally creme brulee...unfortunately it wasn't good.

The view from Toronto Islands. Came here with my friend & her friend, who was in Toronto temporarily from France.

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  1. lol yea i think the island is just best for strolling around/relaxing

    i thought it'd be that one hahah


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