98. Je ne veux pas dejeuner

Mark's line of coke..umm powder sugar at the bar

Shots of Hpnotiq with Josef Stalin's doppelganger

Late night drinking on a school night..the usual. After 3 shots within a span of 15 minutes, we all shared a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne to celebrate it being a wednesday night?

I'm starting to like the taste of champagne now. I was down there until like 3:15am when the alcohol suddenly hit me. I started feeling really sick so I went back to my room and immediately went to bed. I love how the bar's right in my lobby - if I was out somewhere else I would've literally passed out on the street that night.

Oh by the way, I had class at 8am the next morning. Miraculously I woke up on time and made it there, sans hangover.

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