100. Red Pepper

Last night I went to Pravda again..had some champagne (which I'm starting to really love), met some nice Brits..great night! I was with my friend at my lobby when we decided to head to Pravda. When we got there I saw a man who lives in my building with a few others who just got here from London a couple days ago - they all came to work in Toronto for awhile and are living at my building.
We had some champagne & strawberries. It definately wasn't a good idea having 3 different drinks all at the same time (Roberto Cavalli vodka, Veuve Cliquot & Dom Perignon!) It also wasn't a good idea drinking on an empty stomach either.

The only pair of jeans I own. They're by Red Pepper..a Japanese brand - bought them when I was in Tokyo! & I love these suspender straps.

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