94. Black caviar

Crazy fun Friday night!
- Beer Bistro: tried Fruli strawberry beer for the first time..mmmmm delicious.
- Pravda: with my friend Mark + other guy from our building who goes there a lot. Had Roberto Cavalli vodka, shots shots shots, & some Cristal champagne!
- I brought my Russian hat with me for the occasion. Perfect accessory!
- Met a Serbian engineer. Got his #. Will not call back.
- 3am: left Pravda. First time for everything I guess..as our bill came to be over 4-digits. Not sure I've ever experienced such an expensive bar night. Thanks JP for picking it up. Geez champagne is expensive.
- Back home to our building..we ended up in an empty suite (that hasn't been bought/rented out yet) to check out the view. 5am bedtime!

Now for the corresponding photos.



  1. hungry now, thanks a lot!!! :P

  2. wow you're not going to believe what I found on facebook...

    your very own IMPOSTER :O

    I was going through Miroslava's friends and there's is a girl named "Adrina Tarasova" with your picture as her profile, i think that just added like 20+ to your fame status haha

    P.S. & when you have time could you send me a survey invite? thanks :)

  3. ugghhhhh that's crazy..thanks for telling me. =\ I really hate when people take my pictures..especially one where I'm in!!

  4. LOL

    semi famous- grats ;)

    Strawberry beer looks interesting!


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