477. YYZ - FRA - MXP

Hello! I am currently at the airport waiting to board my flight..trying to speed blog as I need to board soon. Heading to Frankfurt first for a layover then I'll be in Milan, my final destination! I am going on a short trip to a few places in Italy this week. So excited!!! I'll try to blog a lot while I'm there, so check back soon ;)

LV Azur Keepall
Pearson Airport
Pearson Airport Marathi
Naan Marathi
I ordered this Naan with a cucumber dip..it's so good! I love this restaurant concept at the airport lounge.

***Adding this part below on April 19; 2 days after the flight***

Lufthansa seat 29
So it is now 2 days later as I write this in my hotel room in Milan. I didn't want to leave this too late as then it would be pointless to post about. Lufthansa ended up being probably the best airline/best flight experience I ever had (well, at least the first part). I was lucky enough to get a seat with a LOT of extra leg space. I could literally stretch my legs all the way to the end. It was a row right behind the Premium Economy section, so with the change in seat configuration I guess they needed to leave in more space. My row even had more space than the premium economy people actually. I was also really happy to find there was WIFI on the plane (however it is like 17 euros for a 24hr period).

Lufthansa food
This was the dinner.

& the pretzel I got during my long layover at Frankfurt Airport. Everything in this post (starting from the naan up top) was all I ate that day. I didn't even eat much of the airplane dinner - only had the pasta and salad. I really should've eaten more. Depending on when you read this, you probably know I got extremely sick afterwards (read here) which I think was due to my lack of food and sleep.
I survived the 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, the 4 hour layover, then started feeling extremely sick and weak starting from when we began to land in Milan.



  1. Hi Tiffany! Is this a work trip or one for leisure? Perhaps both? I hope you have an amazing time and safe flights both way!
    That airport restaurant looks cool to try too, I wonder if we have that here...

    1. Well I will be working on my blog and still working my regular job while here...but not here in particular to work! lol
      Thank you!! The airport food options in Toronto have really improved over the years


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