480. Day 3 - Capri

Capri Punta Tragara
I was about to say that my favourite times of day during this trip would be when I make my daily recap post at night, recounting all the memorable moments and looking through my photos. But then I saw this photo and thought..that moment was definitely my favourite today and out of the whole trip by far. So I just arrived in Capri today. When planning this trip, Capri was actually the main place I was going (I didn't plan on visiting Milan or Rome as well). But due to flights not flying direct from Toronto to Naples/Capri, I decided to fly into 1 or 2 other cities to make it easier and allow me to also explore more. & the reason why I even decided on Capri was because my blogger friend Anouka (who you may know as LUXESSED) had planned to come and I thought it would be cool to meet up again. Last time we met was Paris 2013! When she told me she was going to Capri, I thought there was a very slim chance I would join (as during that time I was thinking of just doing a smaller trip within Canada/US). But now here I am and I'm sooooo glad I came. It is beautiful here. I've never been to any of these types of places before...& I LOOOOOVE my hotel, the Punta Tragara. The photo above was taken lounging at their pool bar.

Is there a right and wrong way to pronounce "Capri"? I always said it like "Capry" but then in Toronto when I was telling people I was coming here, everyone said it like "CaprEE"..which made me think I was the one pronouncing it wrong, so I started saying it their way. Until I found out today from hearing it from these Italians, calling it "Capry". lol. I should just trust myself next time.

Early morning, I checked out from my Milan hotel. Then took a 4.5hr train to Naples, cab to Molo Beverello (the ferry port), then 45min ferry ride over to Capri. It was a stressful journey. I won't go into detail about it because I was worried and stressed for nothing as everything went as smoothly as it could possibly go..but there were some challenges along the way. I did realize then that that was the reason why I love travelling alone. Because of the challenges; especially in a completely foreign place so far from home. It is a nerve wracking and exciting experience at the same time. I mean during the time while it's happening, it is extremely stressful but then afterwards it becomes a good travel memory and makes me happy it happened.

By the way, I've decided to post more photos in this post, and write out details along the way. It will be more interesting for you to see more visuals.

My cab driver from the train station to the ferry port didn't speak English at all. Another cab driver actually had to translate to him where I was going. It was a nice ride though. He seemed really happy and hummed along the drive...and all he said to me (like 10min into the drive which sort of startled me..as I was peacefully enjoying the scenery from the drive) was: "NAPOLI IS BEAUTIFUL!" then did a thumbs up and gave me a huge smile from the front mirror.
At the ferry dock, I was extremely confused about what to do or where to go but managed to get on the right ferry.
Then arriving at Capri, a representative from my hotel came to meet me and take my luggage away. They took it up separately so I was able to walk up and explore a bit on my own. I didn't know this before, but the whole place is strictly pedestrian only.
The photo above shows the view you are greeted with as soon as you get out the funicular.

Capri map
The map the hotel rep gave me to help me find my way there. It's probably a 20 minute walk to the hotel, which took me way longer because I couldn't help but stop and take many photos along the way. Capri is just too beautiful..every shot was like a postcard.

Capri boutiques
Capri restaurants
Capri streets
The streets are lined with boutiques and restaurants, and a lot of little alleyways. I didn't even realize that my picture-taking was slowing me down so I started to think I got lost, when I was taking longer to arrive than I expected. Many parts of the street were completely empty of people (which made for good photos) but that's why I thought I was getting lost. Then I came across two painters (one painting the window while the other was holding the ladder - seems like out of a movie doesn't it?) and asked for directions. They didn't speak a word of English so I showed the map and pointed to my hotel. So then they pointed towards the direction and said it was a 5 minute walk away (in Italian). So I kept going..and finally arrived.

Punta Tragara Capri
Right at the very end of the road. The staff here were really nice and friendly. I was offered a champagne while checking in (which I declined and got a glass of water instead). Then they came up with me to show me the pool and brought me to my suite. I love it so much. It's probably my favourite hotel I've ever stayed at. I don't want to give away too much because I will be doing a full review post on it soon..but here are a few shots.

Punta Tragara sea view balcony
Punta Tragara suite
Punta Tragara pool
Punta Tragara Hotel Pool Bar
This is the pool area. It's soooo nice. The weather was PERFECT. I was waiting for my friend to come meet me so I decided to do a bit of tanning and get a drink while I waited for her (see first photo).

Capri Sunset Punta Tragara
Streets of Capri
We stayed til the sun went down then went in search of food. We walked around the streets and explored a bit before finding a restaurant. I will post more about that in a future post..as this is getting way too long now! Good night!

Capri at night



  1. I read about your fab hotel from Luxessed and I had to come take a peek. Amazing! Enjoy the rest of your stay.


    1. Hello! I will doing a full review on them soon so be sure to check back ;) thanks!

  2. Capri looks amazing! I also pronounced it "capree" but now I know it should be "capry" lol I love your bag! I had a hunch you were going to get that bag when you said Givenchy ;) and what a gorgeous shade!
    I'm glad you're feeling better now and that everything worked out smoothly for you! I know what you mean about being stressed out in the moment during traveling. Sometimes I look back and wonder/can't really remember how I managed go do all those things by myself! It's especially scary for me when I can't speak the local language.
    I hope you're having the most wonderful time!

    1. lol now you know! yea I really love the colour..perfect one to buy for this trip!

      Actually today I'm sick again lol. Mostly seasick because I spent most of the day on a boat. Ugh. I hope to start recovering soon.

      Yes exactly - Sounds like you completely understand what I mean. Thanks!


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