481. Day 4 - Capri & Positano

Capri harbour
Today, Anouk & I did a private boat tour around Capri and Positano. This was the day I was looking forward to the most on my whole trip. It was an amazing experience and I'm really glad we did it...but I got extremely seasick. Combined with my existing (cough) sickness, you can imagine how I felt the whole time. I really enjoyed it but I wish I didn't get sick because most of the time I just lay down trying to sleep. Our entire boat trip was 7 hours. It was just us two plus the driver/sailor. We visited places like the Blue Grotto, Green Grotto, White Grotto, Faraglioni Rocks, the lighthouse, etc then Positano for a few hours before coming back. Positano was nice but I much prefer Capri.

After we got back, Anouk went back to her hotel while I went around searching for a pair of sneakers to wear on our visit tomorrow to Pompeii!!! Quite excited for this. Forecast says it might rain..I really really hope it won't. Then I walked around a bit on my own, exploring random streets before going for a romantic dinner with myself at Terrazza Brunella. I am getting more comfortable asking for a table for 1 at nice formal restaurants now lol. This one is actually right beside my hotel, and they have an AMAZING view.

Giannis Boat Capri
Positano paintings
Faraglioni Rocks
The Faraglioni Rocks. If you look very closely on the mountain, the terra cotta coloured building is my hotel!



  1. Wow, the view from your hotel must be spectacular. Always wanted to see Pompeii, enjoy!


  2. Sorry that you felt sick during most of the trip :( I felt fine but it was afterwards when I got back to my hotel - my head was heavy and I felt like the room was spinning. I really hope it won't rain today. Bummer that the meteo changed unfavourably. See you later.

    1. You got too used to being on the boat lol. Yea I know :( I am having breakfast now..it seems pretty foggy

  3. I was reading Anouk's post so I hopped over to read yours too, have a great time in Pompeii! It's very grey and cold in London

    1. Thanks - We had an amazing time there! :)


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