482. Day 5 - Pompeii

Pompeii Public Baths
Today was such a tiring but fun day! We went to visit Pompeii. I was excited for this when it was booked (a couple weeks ago) but I loved it soooo much more than I thought I would. I only wish we could've spent more time there and visited Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius as well. Maybe another time. Getting there was kind of annoying though. First we took a boat to Sorrento then a train to Pompeii. Then coming back we took a train to Naples then came back on a boat. The whole journey was about 1.5-2hr (each way).

In Pompeii, we hired a personal tour guide. We booked a 4 hour tour which maybe sounds long, but actually seemed too short. We could've easily spent days exploring everywhere there. Our guide was amazing. He was really knowledgeable and I could tell he was actually really interested in explaining everything to us. It really added to the experience - I don't think I would've been as fascinated by everything if I just walked around on my own. We learned a lot about how the ancient Romans lived back then. While walking through, I kept wishing I could go back in time to see how it actually was.

If you don't know much about Pompeii, it is a UNESCO site and one of the most visited attractions in Italy. It was an ancient town that got destroyed and buried under ~6 metres of volcanic ash after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. Most of the inhabitants were able to leave but over a thousand were unable to escape and died there. Their bodies were found still in their final position before death, as the volcanic ash hardened around them and preserved the shapes. Much of the city still remains unexcavated.

My favourite building is the Public Baths (photo above). The interiors were so intricate and beautiful.

Pompeii Italy
This is what the streets all looked like there; huge uneven stones. So glad I was able to get a pair of sneakers yesterday or I probably wouldn't have survived the entire walk.

Pompeii Theatre
This is the theatre. Apparently they put on actual plays here sometimes. I took a lot more photos of Pompeii but I don't want to post too many now. Will save them all for my future posts and I will also go more in-depth with everything (that I learned from the tour)!

shrimp penneOnce back in Capri, we went for dinner. I had a shrimp penne in vodka sauce.

Casa Morgano Capri jacuzzi
I just checked into a new hotel (the Casa Morgano) today! This is the jacuzzi bath which I LOVE. Also love their navy blue slippers. So comfy. Will do a full review on this hotel as well soon!



  1. This post brings me back to my own memories of Pompeii! I didn't know it was such a long journey there but since I was on a cruise it was probably closer, although I'm sure the bus ride was also pretty long but I just forgot about it. And yes, 4 hours didn't seem enough and I'm bummed out you didn't get to visit Herculaneum and Vesuvius. I didn't go either but was hoping if you did I could see the photos haha

    1. When did you visit? Would love to see your pics of it as well!!
      lol yea I regret not being able to visit them as well. But I hope to be back someday!


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