483. Day 6 - Capri

Via Krupp
Today is sadly my last night in Capri. Anouk is heading back home tomorrow while I head to my next city before heading home as well...I'm already sad about leaving! Well I am sad to be leaving Capri but also sad that I am now in the last part of my trip. Now I want to plan another upcoming trip (not sure when though) just so I have something else to look forward to. I wish I could stay in Italy longer. I am really starting to love it here.

So today I started off visiting the Augustus Gardens and Via Krupp (photo above). It's so amazing how blue the waters are.

Augustus Gardens Capri
Faraglioni Rocks Capri
Gelato in Capri
I regret that I had been avoiding gelato this entire time while in Italy, as I thought it would be bad for my sore throat/cough. Yesterday, our Pompeii tour guide told me they always eat gelato here when they're sick as it soothes the throat. So now I have decided to eat as much gelato as I can in order to heal my sickness.

Gatto Bianco cat
Then I met with Anouk at her hotel (where we saw this cat), and we headed to Anacapri on the other side of the island.

spiral staircase
I will post more about the places we visited in Anacapri in a future post. Here is a spiral staircase in one of the churches we went. It was so scary going up and down.

Villa San Michele Capri
This is from Villa San Michele

Capri Italy
The beautiful view from the villa

Gran Caffe Capri gelato
After that, we went back to the main part of Capri. We started off with a dessert before dinner. Here we sat at one of the cafe patios in the main square. Our server, Fabrizio, was quite energetic and hilarious. I will not go into detail of what happened but at one point he unintentionally got everyone's attention (on the patio) focused on us..it was so embarrassing and funny at the same time. People were clapping and the woman at the front of our table for some reason got all excited and took a photo of us.



  1. I briefly saw Fabrizio this morning as I was going towards the funicular. If you have time, give him a kiss from my part ;)

    1. hahah no thanks!
      I didn't see him..probably because you took him back to Luxembourg with you!


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