539. Day 25 | Final Day

Hong Kong skyline

I almost forgot to make my daily post tonight!! I've always been such a sporadic blogger, so I'm proud I was able to post every day of this trip so far. We just finished packing everything. Today was our last full day here in Hong Kong and in Asia overall. I'm very sad to be going back but also the past three and a half weeks of travelling has been tiring (but a lot of fun!), since we've been going to so many places and going out every day without much rest. I feel it is time to go back and get refreshed..then pretty soon I'll be wanting to go away again. Actually my summer 2017 plans have just started already heheh..

Today we didn't do much. We went to meet my mom's friend as well as one of my uncles for lunch. Then we walked around the mall there. I am not going to post my usual 5 photos today because I really didn't take much today.

I will miss Hong Kong a lot and just being on vacation. I think I did more these past few weeks than I did all YEAR in Toronto (or the past 2 years lol). I am very much dreading the 16 hour long flight but hopefully I will get lots of photos edited during that time.

Time to sleep now. I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on when I get back..so I will try to keep up with frequent posting when I get back to Toronto!!



  1. Hope you made it back safely to Toronto!

    1. thank you, just arrived a few hours ago!

  2. The Hong Kong skyline is really something. I think it's the most colorful I've ever seen. Happy travels back home! Hopefully minimal jetlag =)

    xx freshfizzle

    1. It is my favourite skyline! The most colourful and the most buildings. Thanks!


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