536. Day 22 | IFC and Lan Kwai Fong

Hong Kong Central

Today we returned to Hong Kong from Macau. We walked around Central, which is one of my favourite areas of Hong Kong (my other favourite being the harbour area). Central is the main business district of Hong Kong with all the banks, tall buildings and my favourite building - IFC! Since I also live in the Financial District in Toronto, it kind of makes sense I love this area the most. I would enjoy living in Hong Kong, if only I could have my same condo in Toronto here lol. I love everything else about the city but just not the living conditions (very small and extremely expensive property). There's so much to do in Hong Kong and I love how everyone stays out really late every night. The only other city that I can think of that is as busy as Hong Kong throughout the day is New York City.

IFC rooftop

We walked around IFC/Lane Crawford a bit then went to the rooftop terrace of the building. If I lived in Hong Kong, this would be my favourite place to go out. Much like how I feel about Canoe in Toronto. I seem to love rooftop places the most. There are several restaurants up there, all with beautiful views around the city. The atmosphere up there is amazing, and you are surrounded by skyscrapers and glittering lights all around.

Lane Crawford

Inside IFC is also a huge Lane Crawford. This is probably my favourite clothing department store. I always go in and want every other thing I see (whereas in other stores and similar department stores, it takes me forever to find something I like and want). They also put up their Christmas decorations already!!! All the staff were wearing red Christmas jumpers and they were even playing Christmas songs. A bit too early in my opinion...to be honest I'm not really looking forward to Christmas yet this year as it seems like last year's was just here and I'm not ready for it yet!

Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong

We also went to Lan Kwai Fong, which is a very popular nightlife spot where all the ex-pats go. There are alot of bars along the small streets, all with outdoor seating. Great atmosphere here as well. If I lived in Hong Kong I think I would enjoy coming here as well.

Hong Kong

Earlier in the day we visited the place where my mom grew up. The place she lived at starting from when she was born until she left Hong Kong. Up until a few years ago, some of my family members still lived there. It was also the place we would stay at every time we came to Hong Kong (until last year). Now my family no longer lives there so we decided to go and visit again. In the neighbourhood, a lot of the old stores that used to be there has changed to new and more Western style stores. We walked to this park with huge trees..I thought they were quite beautiful. They seem to be very old though and many grow sideways out onto the street.



  1. Central and LKF are my favourite areas in HK. LKF is amazing for partying! Btw I will travel to Asia in a few weeks....


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