538. Day 24 | Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau Hong Kong

Today we went to the island of Cheung Chau for hiking and a lot of cool street food. I had visited a couple times when I was younger, but had no recollection. I really enjoyed it there today. We went hiking up a mountain to look down at an incredible view. It was about 26C degrees today and with the sun shining down on us as we were hiking, it was really hot and tiring. But the view was so worth it. Also at the top there was a lot of wind so it was nice and relaxing. Then we had some cold desserts when we got back down.

This was part of our hike. As always, it is a lot more impressive in person. I really love the city life but I also love being in nature. If I lived here I would like to go hiking around different mountains all the time.

Cheung Chau view
Cheung Chau watermelon sheet

Here is my "sheet" of watermelon. We saw a man eating one on the street..then another one who was eating it then threw it away after a few bites. I thought it looked really cool (& I love watermelon!) so I had to try one. I kind of suspected it wouldn't taste that good since it was frozen. & I was right. There was pretty much no taste..I had about half and got rid of it after, just like the guy did lol.

Cheung Chau sunset

A nice sunset as we were leaving.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel


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