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The Manor
During our stay at the St. Regis Hotel in Macau, we had dinner at their restaurant The Manor. It was a really nice dinner with delicious food in a beautiful setting. The staff were really attentive, and all the dishes were wonderfully presented.

White Asparagus
We started with a White Asparagus appetizer: with soft milk curd, roasted nuts, grains and herb flowers.

Wagyu beef A5
Then we had the Miyazaki Wagyu A5, Japanese Black-Haired Cattle sirloin steak! It was so juicy and flavourful. This is the highest grade of beef possible (A5) and I really could taste the difference. The Miyazaki Wagyu's quality even surpasses that of Wagyu from Kobe. To maintain its high standards, Japanese authorities restrict supplies to authorized distributors only. I don't think we have this available in North America yet.

Miyazaki Wagyu A5
chocolate lava cake
St. Regis Macau bar
After our dinner, we went to the bar for a few hours (I brought my laptop down to get some work done) for a nightcap. I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. The signature drink at all St. Regis Hotels is the Bloody Mary though. I don't like spiciness so I didn't try it, but I only found out that St. Regis created the original Bloody Mary (in their New York King Cole Bar).

The Manor Macao
The Manor St Regis Macau
The Manor Macau
The Manor Macau
hotel breakfast
On the morning before we left, we had breakfast downstairs at the restaurant. I love hotel breakfasts. The breakfast here at the St. Regis was amazing - very extensive selection and everything was so good and fresh! Probably in the top 3 hotel breakfasts I've ever had in my life.

St. Regis Macau breakfast
hotel breakfast
French Toast St Regis Macau
St. Regis Macau The Manor
Dim Sum counter

St. Regis Macau
St. Regis Macau The Manor
St. Regis Macau breakfast
This was the main area to get food. It was set up like a kitchen in a house. The chef there can prepare you a bowl of wonton noodles. & I really love this part..they have a couple large, glass door fridges with drinks and fruit inside. So everything stays cold when you take them.

St. Regis Macau breakfast
St. Regis Macau

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  1. The asparagus starter and the breakfast buffet look top!


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