534. Day 20 | Checking into St. Regis Hotel, Macau

The Parisian Macau

We are currently in Macau!! We are staying at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel and so far it has been the best hotel experience of this Asia trip so far (maybe top 5 hotels I've ever stayed at in my life). My favourite part about our room is this view. We look out onto The Parisian, with its sparkling Eiffel Tower. This is as close as I can get to my favourite city for now..lol.

I am going to do a full review on this hotel in a later post. For now I will give my first impressions. What I love most so far about this hotel is the service. Everything from checking in, to our dinner, cocktails, and more..all the staff have been extremely professional, friendly and go above and beyond to satisfy our needs. We have a 24hr butler service here which I have never gotten at previous hotels I've stayed at. When we arrived, the driver and butler met us at the ferry terminal (we took a ferry over from Hong Kong). When we arrived at the hotel, the butler supervisor greeted us at the door and along with the bellboy, they all escorted us up to our room right away. We were able to check in to the hotel in the comfort of our own room.

After we got settled, we went down for dinner. Shortly before our reservation time, the butler came up again to bring us down to the restaurant along with a map and small guidebook of Macau. Troy is the name of our butler. He is really good with anticipating our needs without us having to ask; for example, he realized my mom had a bit of a cough. So when we returned back to our room we saw he gave us an additional 8 bottles of water.

I will not get into details of the restaurant and bar experience yet as I don't want to miss anything out. I will save it for the actual review post!

St. Regis Hotel Macau
St. Regis Macau Restaurant The Manor

Our dinner was delicious! For our main course, we both had the Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Japanese Black-Haired Cattle sirloin steaks. It's quite funny we just visited and returned from Japan a couple days ago (even to the city of Kobe) but didn't have the beef from there until tonight lol. I also got a green tea. The green tea they served was Longjiang green tea. A few weeks ago when we visited China, I talked about visiting a tea plantation there which I later found out is Longjiang green tea. Such a coincidence they served it to me now again. But unlike the beef..I actually had and bought a LOT of the tea leaves when we were there.

St. Regis Bar Macau

After dinner we went to the bar for a nightcap. I also brought my laptop down so I worked there tonight (the joys of being able to work remotely!) together with a strawberry daiquiri and live music. The servers there were wonderful as well. Tomorrow morning we are getting room service breakfast so we brought down the breakfast menu with us to fill out (as we have to do so and hang it on our door). My mom kept moving the paper around and angling it in front of the light, so the server came with a little reading light for us. I thought that was pretty nice.

Then we went to the casino for a quick walk around. We didn't do any gambling. I think I may try a bit tomorrow..

St. Regis Macau bathtub

& finally, this is how I ended my night! Well, kind of. Now I finished my shower and am in bed typing this. Apart from the beautiful view, the bathroom is my other favourite part about the room. Looking forward to exploring Macau tomorrow! Good night!


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  1. From what I can see, the hotel looks very impressive!


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