540. HKG to YYZ

Arctic view from the plane
After almost a month away, I am now back in Toronto! Going from nice ~25C degree weather to ~10C..but I got a lot of Fall/Winter clothes in Asia that I'm excited to wear here lol. At the start of our trip, we flew from Toronto to Shanghai which felt like the longest flight I've ever been on (even though I've flown to Asia many times before so know what to expect)..that one in particular felt longer for some reason. Maybe because I was too excited to arrive there. This flight back today felt really short and I actually slept for most of it. I thought we were still halfway through the flight when my mom woke me up and told me they were handing out breakfast. Then I checked and saw there was like an hour left until landing, which was a nice surprise since I was still expecting 7 hours left. Also another great thing is that we flew "back in time"..since Hong Kong is currently 13 hours ahead of Toronto. So it's like we didn't even lose much time at all.

There was a LOT of turbulence on the flight (which happened exactly as I was taking these photos above and below..so I had trouble holding the camera steady). That wasn't the worst I experienced though. On 2 flights I've been on in the past, the turbulence was so bad the plane actually did a large drop and we all flew up a few inches over the seats and people screamed lol. That was the scariest moments I've ever had on a plane.

Now I have a lot to catch up on..mostly for the blog. I have enough blog posts to last me until my next vacation at least lol. I took about ~2300 photos in total. I mentioned before I wanted to try taking videos and editing them on this trip but I wasn't able to do that unfortunately =\ I think I should test it out first here in Toronto, as it would require a lot more time to film and take photos at the same time which I wasn't able to do on this trip.

So here are a couple photos from the Arctic, and a few from my last day in Hong Kong. My favourite view is flying over mountains. Especially in the Arctic. I LOVE these remote parts of the world and have always wanted to visit the Arctic..it's so beautiful.

Arctic view from the plane
Hong Kong buildings
blue gelato
The Pawn Hong Kong



  1. The turbulence does sound scary. Looking forward to reading your travel posts!

  2. What a fantastic view indeed! Looking forward to seeing more photos from your trip.

  3. We were in HK at the same time! I already miss HK :)


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