546. China | Snapshots Part 1

Shanghai China
I've finally finished organizing all my photos from the Asia trip and now I can get to regular posting! I took over 2500 photos on my trip and I've managed to narrow it down to ~900 to post lol (if I get to them all before my next trip). I'm going to make all the posts in a random order. Here is a random snapshots post of China..during that part of the trip, we went to a few different parts of the country (within a 6-7 hour drive to Shanghai) so this is a roundup of the different places. If you want to read more about my days there, you can go back on my previous travel diary posts, starting here! ;)

China currency
China toilets
The toilet situation in China. This is actually a nicer one because they give you the option to squat or sit! A lot of people I know actually have no interest in visiting China because they don't like the toilets there (amongst a few other reasons) and they think it's really dirty..which I feel is kind of unfortunate because I think China has some of the most amazing scenery and places to visit in the world. It's really not as bad as people think. After a few visits here I've gotten used to the toilets..& you know I usually love luxury places/things lol. I don't mind the squatting ones, because you don't have to touch the toilet seat...I just hate how most of them don't have toilet paper.

breakfast in Shanghai
I had a couple bowls of these noodles at our hotel the first morning for breakfast. They were probably the best noodles I've ever had!! I don't know what the type is called but they hand cut each piece of noodle.

China cultural show
China cultural show
These types of acrobatic/martial arts/cultural shows are VERY popular in China. We watched one like every other night, on all our previous trips to China as well. They're all quite interesting and pretty dramatic at times. Here is a short clip I took of this one.

China tea plantation
China tea plantation
fruit seller China
China residential blocks
China buildings
I know the economy in China is slowing down but it still looks like they are rapidly expanding. At least in terms of infrastructure. There's a lot of these residential blocks, with several apartments close together and they all look completely identical. A lot of them are currently being constructed (along with commercial buildings), and I noticed there they all get built at the same time. Like entire areas/communities, with 10+ buildings, all being built at the same time..and a few dozen cranes everywhere you look. It was pretty crazy to me because we never see that here. Our buildings get constructed one at a time and take years to complete even one.

streets of China
rural China
Huangshan cable cars
Huangshan Yellow Mountain
My favourite day was visiting Huangshan. I will dedicate a full post for this though!

China cultural show
China cultural show
China translations
Funny translations, translated literally word for word lol

Oriental Pearl Tower
The Bund Shanghai
Shanghai The Bund



  1. That's a lot of photos >900 but I guess that I would have ended up with as many during such long trip.

  2. I need to go to China soon! The squatting doesn't bother me but I really do hate not having toilet paper. I just carry a lot of tissues inside my purse.

    1. You should! Yea I always had to carry a few packs..


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