618. Blogmas Day 12 & 13 | Cactus & The Nutcracker

Christmas Nadege Gingerbread Train
I am now fully into the Christmas spirit! Well maybe 90% there. I will be fully once I have the rest of my Christmas gifts and outfits sorted out..
Every year, for the past several years, I always buy a lot of Christmas things from Williams Sonoma and Nadege. Then all the wrapping supplies and extra stuff from Papyrus. I love the Christmas chocolate cards from Nadege as I think they make the best gifts..but I've never tried any myself. Last year I bought a few and gave them to random people I knew (that I would run into) as a nice surprise, as I would always carry one around. I might do it again this year/next week.
& I'm really excited to make this gingerbread train!

Last night I went out with my friend to Cactus Club for dinner then we sat and talked in our lobby for awhile. Tonight I went to watch The Nutcracker (possibly my 4th year in a row seeing it? lol) with my company as our annual Christmas event!

Cactus Club
Cactus Club
Cactus Club
Christmas gift
Sud Forno Caprese
The Nutcracker


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