613. Blogmas Day 4 & 5 | Day in the Life

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I know I missed posting for a day and a half! I will try not to let that happen again..or often. These past two days have been pretty normal days for me. My days usually just consist of work, hunting for food, walking Hennessy, cooking, wandering the path, working with my laptop in Starbucks, meeting with my bf/friends/acquaintances in the building, working with my laptop in the lobby, etc. Even though it's only still the beginning (of my daily posts during Blogmas), I'm really enjoying blogging about my daily life again. Back in my university days I blogged a lot and took photos of literally everything I did and ate. That was before everyone started doing it (for Instagram) hahah. Now there's only 20 days until Christmas and I am starting to stress about getting Christmas gifts for everyone. This year I have a slightly longer list than usual.

So it seems that Canada is T&L's Destination of the Year. I opened my mail to see this yesterday, right after one of my friends from Luxembourg (ANOUK) told me she booked a trip to Toronto next year!! I'm so excited to see her again. Actually she was one of the friends who I went on the Rockies Roadtrip with so it would be her second year in a row visiting Canada. I know next time it's definitely my turn to visit Luxembourg hahah. The place in this photo (Capilano Suspension Bridge I'm pretty sure..) is where we visited just a few months ago.

Travel and Leisure Canada
quinoa salad
King Taps
Earls Bibimbap
Starbucks BMO
Pusateris Christmas
hennessy pomeranian
Hennessy's new friend..who seemed to have Christmas lights as a leash lol




  1. Catching up with your blogmas posts! And yes, Anouk will be back in Canada!!! 😊


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