620. Blogmas Day 16 & 17 | Royal York & Gusto 101

leftbanked sequins
My new sequins outfit. I think I used to be a lot more "dressy" during my university days (since I studied Fashion) and I would wear a lot of sequins on any regular day lol. These years I only wear them during the holidays. Since I last updated, I've had quite a lot of progress in terms of my Christmas shopping and outfits. So I am feeling a bit more relaxed and excited now for the upcoming weeks. I know this will be the best Christmas/New Year's ever :)

I finally got/ordered my NYE dress which will arrive in 2-3 business days. I will post it on New Year's. It's actually a dress I've been looking at for months already but they were sold out of my size. Then when I checked yesterday, it was miraculously restocked so I purchased it immediately. Coming all the way from the UK which also means I got charged a ridiculous customs tax..but I'm sure it will be worth it. I can't wait!

Today I went out for a very quick (and successful) shopping trip. I got the entire gift for one person, half for another person...and I got my new sequins top. Also I ordered a gift for another person, and just had an idea of what to get the remaining two people. Hahah. So I pretty much have it all sorted out now.

After my quick shopping trip today, I went out for a family dinner (one of my aunts was visiting from Vancouver) to Gusto 101. I love this place! Last time I went was during the summer. I've missed it.

But first I will start with last night. My friends and I went for dinner at Royal York:

Royal York gingerbread house
Epic Royal York
If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember how much I love the chicken sandwich from Epic! I've literally never ordered anything else from here since I got the sandwich the first time I came..became addicted and order it every time (and whoever else I come with will also get it lol)

Library Bar
Then we went over to the Library Bar for tea and live music.

leftbanked sequins outfit
Gusto 101 Toronto
mushroom bruschetta
There was 6 of us so we ordered a LOT of different dishes to share. I loved everything. This was the mushroom bruschetta.

Gusto 101 Branzino
The Branzino was really good. A lot better than the previous one I had a few weeks ago at KOST. That one was extremely salty and now that I look back on that photo...it looks like a crocodile hahah (as my sister pointed out)

white sangria
My Sangria

Gusto 101 Toronto
Rucola salad

Gusto 101 Toronto
Margherita pizza (the best!!) and Cavolfiori, which was a slightly spicy cauliflower dish. It was also pretty good.

Gusto 101 pumpkin ravioli
Pumpkin ravioli..as my pumpkin obsession still hasn't subsided.

Gusto 101 desserts
We ordered literally every dessert on the menu except the biscotti. Well they all shared these ones and I got my own lol. Pears with brown butter, amaro, almonds and white chocolate. It wasn't what I expected. I would have preferred if it was more sweet (as it didn't taste sweet at all).

Gusto pear dessert
Gusto 101


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