624. Blogmas Day 24 | Miku

Smoked Soy Grilled Octopus
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! On Christmas Eve, we first went to watch The Illusionists. It was such an amazing show and my first time watching a magic show like that in person. I definitely recommend it! It's on here in Toronto until January 7. Since I got back I've been watching magic trick videos every night and how they perform them hahah.
After that we had dinner reservations at Miku. It was my first time going to the one here. During the summer I went to the one in Vancouver too. Everything was really good.

Miku Toronto
Miku Aburi Sashimi selection
Miku Roll Salmon Oshi
Miku sablefish
Miku desserts
Sud Forno
Lunch with my sister today at Sud Forno/final gift exchange.

whale and pomeranian
One of the gifts from my sister (I love whales!!! & Pomeranians too of course heheh)

Christmas card
Just received this in the mail today from my friend Samantha in Vancouver. So cute - thank you!!

Louis Vuitton notebook
This is the gift from my boyfriend..a LV notebook (Japanese edition that he got from there) & polaroid printer. If you saw it on my Instastory you might understand what the use would be for heheh. I really love it. :)

This is the last official post of Blogmas..but I will continue doing frequent updates. I think next month will be quite eventful!



  1. That's a great gift to receive! :)

  2. really cute gift from your sister!


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