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Brookfield Place Christmas
I got inspired from some of the Youtubers I watch doing "vlogmas", so I decided to try it for my blog. Basically it is posting every day until Christmas during the month of December. I don't know how successful I would be at uploading a new post every day (since I'm already a couple days behind lol) and my posts have always been quite sporadic..but I will try my best! It would be a good challenge for myself.

Here is a quick post of what I did yesterday and today (Dec 1 and 2).

KOST Bisha Toronto
My boyfriend & I went for dinner at KOST, the restaurant atop the new Bisha condo-hotel here in Toronto. It was my first time there. I remember many many years ago (around the time when I first moved downtown) when the building was still pre-construction, I went to get a brochure. I think I even posted it in my early posts. The theme was all black and gold with diamond skulls and I thought it was really cool. The design inside the lobby and lobby bar was exactly like that. With black velvet walls and even a Jeff Koons sculpture. I really loved it. The restaurant was the opposite style though - kind of like a beach house atmosphere with light and airy decor. It was really beautiful as well and great views of the city (being on the 44th floor).

KOST Bisha Toronto
Appetizers: Tuna Ceviche & Fried Calamari

Kost Bisha Toronto
As a main I got the Whole Branzino

After dinner we went to watch Thor..I really loved it!! I think I've only seen the previous one before which I remember liking as well, but this one was better and funnier. Now I want to re-watch the previous ones again.

Hennessy Pomeranian
hot pot
Today, I went uptown to my family house for a hot pot dinner. I looked through some of our old photo albums for old vacation pics. I came across the ones from our roadtrip around British Columbia and Alberta back in 2000. We saw so many animals back then compared to my recent trip! I can't believe how different it was...definitely had more luck with mountain goats back then hahah:

leftbanked BC roadtrip 2000
(Yes this is me, when I was 10 years old lol..I loved those platform shoes back then!!)

Himalayan Blueberry
saltwater fish tank
saltwater fish tank
leftbanked house


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  1. Looking forward to your daily posts! The challenge is on ;)


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