621. Blogmas Day 18 & 19 | Gingerbread Train

Gingerbread Train
I'm starting to get behind on my Blogmas!! Just a week left though. But I've been enjoying the more frequent updates. Maybe I will continue to do so even after Christmas. This week has been/will be pretty eventful..I am looking forward to it being over though because I am looking forward to a few things but also because of a few things I want to have over with lol.

We made this gingerbread train last night. It was pretty fun. I've never done one before or even a gingerbread house (except when I was really young in school).

Gingerbread Train
Leftbanked outfit sequins
Fune Toronto
Fune Toronto
Fune Toronto
Dinner at Fune last night. I used to come here (& blog about it!) all the time..

unicorn cakes
Pusateris chocolate
Pusateris Christmas chocolate


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