754. Azores Day 16 | Agua de Pau

Azores Agua de Pau

Agua de Pau is a small village about 20 minutes drive away from Ponta Delgada. We decided to go and explore it last week. It's mainly a residential village with colourful houses and lots of beautiful villas (with sprawling lawns). Also a lot of modern style houses - like the super minamalist style with a lot of glass. I think a lot of the properties are vacation homes. I'm not referring to the ones in this photo above though. Here we walked up a small hill to reach a lookout point. I really liked the views here and the street.

Agua de Pau Azores
A very common sight - laundry hanging to dry.

Agua de Pau view Agua de Pau view Agua de Pau church
At the top is a little chapel

Agua de Pau
I found it funny Toronto was included in this lol

Agua de Pau Azores Agua de Pau Azores Azores Islands Madeiran Wall Lizards

There were a LOT of these "Madeiran Wall Lizards" there. We probably saw hundreds. They live inside the holes of walls and come out to sunbathe. They are terrified of people though and all run away as soon as you walk by.

Azores cat Agua de Pau villa

Then we walked through the nice residential area where all the villas are. Every one of them was gated (I stuck my camera between the gate to take a photo of this one lol) and some had a really long trail leading up to the house. I couldn't get a photo of those ones but they were all so nice! Some were large but some were not, though each one was beautifully designed with a well manicured lawn. & each was was uniquely designed. I really liked this one above.

Agua de Pau villa Agua de Pau seafood rice
Seafood rice for lunch


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