749. Azores Day 8 | Caldeira Velha & Lagoa do Fogo

Leftbanked Despacito Caldeira Velha

Yesterday we visited a place called Caldeira Velha, a bit less than half an hour away from Ponta Delgada. I really loved it there as the scenery was beautiful, and you are immersed in nature. I just wish there were longer trails to walk around as we completed the whole place in less than half an hour (if you don't stop to take photos at every point, you can walk from entrance to the end in maybe 20 minutes). I think most people come to go in the hot spring/thermal pools though. At the moment they are closed due to COVID.

Caldeira Velha Azores Caldeira Velha Caldeira Velha hot springs Caldeira Velha Leftbanked Caldeira Velha Caldeira Velha Azores The thermal pools are about 34 degrees. This part (that you cannot go in) is about 100 degrees.

Caldeira Velha Caldeira Velha hot spring leftbanked Lagoa do Fogo
On the way back, the taxi driver took the scenic route so we saw Lago do Fogo

Lagoa do Fogo Azores Lagoa do Fogo Azores Azores Hydrangeas
The island is full of hydrangeas. You can also spot some cows in the distance.

Ponta Delgada large tree Back at Ponta Delgada. We walked by this enormous tree..so large it needs a lot of support beams.


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