748. Azores Day 7 | Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande

It has been a few days since I last posted since we didn't do much in the last couple days. We are here for a long time so can go at a slower pace..and next week we will rent a car to explore more places around the island. Today was our 7th day here and we were required to do another COVID test. In my first Azores post, I talked about their COVID restrictions and how we must test again 6 days after receiving the initial results. I didn't expect it but they actually called me a few days ago to set up an appointment for us to test again. They are pretty strict with it here.

Our appointment today was at 11:30am at a health centre. We took a taxi there which was kind of in the middle of a highway..the taxi dropped us off and left. The health centre was a tent set up in the middle of an open space, where cars line up and do a "drive through" testing. We didn't have a car so awkwardly stood and waited in the cars line for a few minutes before asking someone. They let us skip the line so we were able to get it over with fairly quickly. It was painful but not as painful as the one I did when we first arrived. I hope this is the last time we have to do the test..but I have a feeling it won't be.

Anyways, after that we went to a cute little town called Ribeira Grande. It's on the north coast of the island but only about a 25 minute taxi ride from Ponta Delgada. I loved it a lot there..it's so colourful and charming. It would be cool to have stayed there instead, but I guess it isn't as convenient for long-term stays (since there's way less stores and restaurants than Ponta Delgada).

Ribeira Grande

There is a canal running through the neighbourhoods, which reminded me a bit of Dean Village (where we visited in Edinburgh last year). It's so picturesque and cozy!

Ribeira Grande
All the houses are so cute! Most of them are small and brightly coloured.

Ribeira Grande Alabote Restaurant seafood rice
Lunch beside the sea at Alabote restaurant.

Alabote Restaurant
The restaurant was ok. I think it was more of a touristy place.

Ribeira Grande Ribeira Grande Ribeira Grande street Azores house Ribeira Grande Azores Azores liqueur
Mulher de Capote is an Azorean liquor made in Ribeira Grande. We tasted some at their store here and it was delicious! The figurines at the top are actually "bottles". There's a small opening in each to pour out the liquor (for the horseman, the man is the "cap" of the bottle). I thought they were pretty cool and a good souvenir/gift. Unfortunately I can't/shouldn't buy any souvenirs since we will be going around different countries after this..

Ribeira Grande beach Azores beach Azores beach


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