751. Azores Day 14 | Furnas

Furnas Azores

Yesterday we hired a cab to take us around some parts of the island including Vila Franca do Campo, Furnas, and the Gorreana tea plantation. The highlight of the day was visiting Furnas. It's a small town known for its thermal hot springs and "bolo levedo" bread. The bread is available all over the island and it's sooo good. We've had it before at some restaurants and bought it from grocery stores here but the ones we got fresh from Furnas were the best. They are super soft and kind of sweet. It's my favourite bread I've ever had.

Furnas Azores Furnas Azores Furnas Azores Furnas Azores
It was really nice here but the sulphur smell was really strong (like the eggy smell)

Summer Breeze Furnas

We went to eat at this restaurant called Summer Breeze. To be honest at first I thought it would be a tourist trap and not good judging by the name. We had to wait a really long time (30+ minutes) for our food to arrive. It was well worth the wait because it was amazing!! I got this "chicken supreme" burger which had chicken, a fried egg, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese sauce etc on bolo levedo bread. I also loved the fries - I'm pretty sure they make it fresh themselves. We will likely be returning again to Furnas since we didn't visit Terra Nostra Park yet. When we go again I want to try the famous stew that they cook underground in the volcanic heat.

Azores Juicy IPA Azorean craft beer - pineapple flavoured. The label is so cute!

Vila Franca do Campo

The small town of Vila Franca do Campo. If you search this place on Google images, you will see a really beautiful lagoon. This islet is a popular destination. Usually they have boats bringing people there, where you can lay on the beaches and spend some hours. But unfortunately it seems they are not running at this time. So it was kind of pointless to visit the place lol.

Azores San Miguel Azores Islands Cha Gorreana Azores

Azores is also known for their Gorreana tea. I actually don't really like it - the taste is super mild. We visited their plantation which I also felt was kind of underwhelming. The scenery was nice but the tea plantations in Asia are a lot more impressive.

Cha Gorreana Cha Gorreana tea fields Azores craft beer
There's also a Gorreana tea beer lol.

Azores cat


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