753. Azores Day 15 | Faial Da Terra Hike & Nordeste

Faial Da Terra hike
Faial Da Terra is a small town with only a few hundred people, with a really nice hiking trail. The trail is very lush and rocky with some small streams running through. We spent about 2 hours hiking there and back and reached one of the waterfalls (I think there are 3 in total?). I'd say the difficulty level is moderate; there was a lot of up and down. I was pretty exhausted by the end.

Faial Da Terra Azores Faial Da Terra hike
There's some interesting wildlife in there (not what you'd typically see on a hike). Here we saw a wild rooster on the right, and a cat..if you can spot it in the picture.

Faial Da Terra rooster
This reminds me - some of our neighbours seem to have roosters. We are in the city and not in a rural area..just a lot of people seem to have them here as a regular "pet". A few nights in the middle of the night they started crowing/calling (?) really loud and once one starts, the others in the area start as well. They don't even do it at the crack of dawn. The past few times seemed to be like 3am. It is pretty annoying but I find the sound kind of funny. I think there's something wrong with our surrounding roosters..like they don't know they should be doing it at dawn. Or is that just like a stereotype and it's normal for roosters to just crow whenever?

Faial Da Terra hike Faial Da Terra hike Faial Da Terra hiking trail Faial Da Terra waterfall
Finally reached the waterfall!

Faial Da Terra Azores Faial Da Terra Nordeste Azores

After Faial da Terra we went to Nordeste which is the eastern tip of the island. From there we came back to Ponta Delgada along the North coast. The scenery was very beautiful along the way (as it is all around the island!). There's a lot of small towns scattered throughout. They more or less look the same but each has their own unique charm.

Nordeste Azores Nordeste Azores Nordeste Azores Nordeste Azores Ribeira dos Caldeiroes Park Ribeira dos Caldeiroes Park


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