756. 1 month later.. Goodbye Azores!

Ponta Delgada central restaurant

I'm writing this post on the night before leaving Azores! We were here for a month in total. Time flew by really fast..yet our first day arriving in Azores feels like months ago! Tomorrow we fly to Porto and will be there for 8 days before Canary Islands. COVID was pretty much non-existent in Azores so now it feels like we entering the "real world" again where everyone is just fighting the virus. I hope things go smoothly for us..will need to be extra careful now with everything since we are entering some COVID hotspots.

I will definitely miss Azores. Being here for so long, it started to feel like a second home already. Now at a new city we will need to find our favourite spots all over again..but it's also exciting. I'm also looking forward to exploring more places.

We don't have any ideas yet where we will be after Canary Islands. Thanks to COVID, we cannot book so far in advance. In a way the uncertainty is exciting and its also been fun thinking of all the different possible cities we can visit. I just wish there was no COVID to worry about. Travelling around for months on end, staying at a different city each month, has always been something on my bucket list though.

So here are some random photos taken throughout the weeks in Azores:

octopus salad Stage Restaurant Azores Forever snack bar
Azores Forever is a really nice snack bar. We came here a few times. Their burgers are really good. It's run by a husband and wife. They are super friendly and knows all the regulars!

Caldo Verde soup Azores sausages
Caldo Verde soup (traditional Portuguese soup) and smoked Azorean sausages.

Sao Roque leftbanked haircut

I tried to hold off on this but my hair was getting too out of control..so I decided to get a haircut. I chose this salon which looked the nicest and most modern from all the other ones (there's not many available). The guy didn't speak English so someone else translated for him what I wanted. I don't think they understood anyway. He didn't cut much at all in terms of the volume (I wanted it thinner) but he did cut some parts on the side really unevenly. It looks quite weird now lol :( At least my hair grows fast.

Stage Restaurant Ponta Delgada Stage Restaurant Ponta Delgada

We came to this restaurant twice and both times, a white pigeon joined us. He actually ate right off my plate. I was finished by then so I didn't mind lol.

Armazens Cogumbreiro Armazens Cogumbreiro Azores

One of my favourite spots - Armazens Cogunbreiro! We came a few times with our laptops to work and eat. They have a lot of food options (like breakfast and small lunches) but small portions. Also they have THE BEST hazelnut gelato!

leftbanked hospital

A few days ago I went to the hospital for the first time in my life (hopefully last). Nothing serious - just my ankle was hurting for a few days so I wanted to get it checked out in case it kept getting worse. They did an X-Ray and found nothing wrong. I think it's due to the running we've been doing the past couple weeks (I've never run before for exercise..I don't think I do it in proper form) in addition to the hiking & walking we do every day. The doctor said it will get better in about a week.

Mane Cigano Azores

Another one of our favourite spots is Mane Cigano. They are located just a 2min walk from us so we've gone there a few times. They're currently one of the top rated restaurants here and serve really inexpensive, local homemade food. It's a tiny place with 2 shared tables (I think either 6 or 8 seats per table). The menu is also very small. They have a different dish each day of the week plus several other dishes available every day. Here is the beef stew and tripe with vegetables. I love both of them. We also tried the fried sardines once (their specialty) which was good but I don't like picking apart the bones. All the dishes are very flavourful.

Mariserra Octopus Salad

Another good restaurant we went to was Mariserra. They are located right beside the water with a nice patio, and specialize in seafood. I LOVED this octopus salad but it had too many onions.

Mariserra Azores

We shared a large seafood rice which had a ton of shellfish in there that you have to crack yourself:
Mariserra Azores pineapple Azores Mosteiros Azores
This weekend we visited Mosteiros, located on the western tip of the island.

Mosteiros Azores Mosteiros Azores Mosteiros Azores Mosteiros Azores Mosteiros
We saw a few men at the rocks digging for seafood (crabs or mussels maybe). I assume they then bring them to restaurants.

Mosteiros fish heads octopus stew Mosteiros

We went to one of the few restaurants in the town. They had this delicious octopus stew..I loved it!!


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