72. Hong Kong | Contrasting Areas

Some photos from Hong Kong.

Those streetcars remind me of tin cans. Hong Kong is a city with very contrasting areas. There's some really dirty areas like you see above, and also..

Lots of designer stores in the most beautiful malls! Every mall was really glitzy and had pretty much every designer you could think of. Just noticed the woman in my photo of LV is smiling at me hahah - not sure why..


  1. i like pacific place more. its huge and pretty and the boutiques are a bit bigger :) lols awws i always thought those streetcars are a classic but ive never ride in them before.. i can only imagine on a hot sunny day without a/c and squishing your way through :(

  2. The residential vs financial district is pretty interesting.
    I think I'd be scared to live in those buildings - some of them look like they could fall down at any second. On the other hand it must be nice to have so many people close by to meet... I have to walk 15 minutes in any direction just to find someone under the age of 60 :\

  3. I know! they look like they're gonna crumble down any minute

    yea they all know each other there..and I'm sure most of them live in the same place their whole life or many many years at least

    you're a 15 min walk to Eglinton right? consider yourself lucky lol
    you just have to come downtown more often!!

  4. you're so lucky. i wish i could go shopping there one day ^^

  5. Browsing through your old posts. Love your blog!


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