77. Hpnotiq

Its 5am..came back up awhile ago from sitting at the lobby talking with my neighbour David. Long conversations about life.

After our drinks/around 2am we decided to go to McDonalds for some food. I suggested we have a picnic in the penthouse. Of course I was thinking of sitting cross-legged right there in the middle with all our food laid out.
But David, being all high-maintenance, didn't want to get his pants dirty so we sat here beside the window..50 floors above the city. Eating Mcdonalds inside a $6.5 million penthouse suite. Kinda ironic?


  1. lol thats awesome eating mc donalds in the penthouse. LOL. you gonna show me where they hide they keys. ^^

  2. yea we were so scared someone would come up and catch us lol. hehehe the keys..I'm working on that =P

  3. my friend went to look at the penthouse and the lady showed him where they hide the keys for all the units. i didnt get a chance to ask him. LOL.

  4. really?? ahh we need the keys lol.
    is your friend buying one of them?


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