78. Pravda

I'm really going to miss this summer when its over..I hope I'll always remember these days. Actually I'm pretty sure I will.
My friend and I had the entire night yesterday planned out. We were going to go to Pravda with a group of people. Pravda is officially my favourite lounge in Toronto. It's a Russian themed vodka bar (an upscale club/lounge on Weds-Sat nights) and they have really amazing music! It's literally a 3-5 minute walk from my place. It's for the older/more mature crowd I guess..well-dressed (for the most part) late 20s/30s year olds..a lot of business men in suits since it's beside the financial district.
I'm definately going to come here all the time from now on. I love the decor & atmosphere.

Starting off the night in my lobby with Hpnotiqs. The bartender also came to talk to us for a bit. Awhile later another man from NJ comes to sit and talk with us since he was lonely sitting by himself at the other end. Gosh it's so easy to meet older men at my lobby bar. Around 1am our other friends finally arrive so we were off to Pravda.

Here's a video I took as I was waiting for my friend getting his drink. You can't see anything but I love this remix..

There's a guy I know who lives in my building who comes to Pravda every week. I immediately sent him a text asking if he could bring me back there the next time he comes lol. It's going to be one of my new "usual" hangouts.

Pravda's 70+ vodkas from around the world.
As I was waiting for my friends to come back with drinks, 3 really drunk guys came up to me. One of them kept saying to me he was "the messenger" - I know it's weird but in my head I was thinking of Hermes, the messenger god lol. He kept leaning in and tried for a kiss. My mind was pretty blank at that point but fortunately my friend Daniel was walking by so I grabbed him to come help me escape. Pervy drunk guy sat at the stool in front of me for a few minutes staring before walking away.

Final photo - Chris with his appletini. All in all, a great night. I predict more Pravda nights to come.


  1. glad to hear you're at least enjoying your summer! i'm stuck here in school since i'm in co-op lol.
    i can't wait til i turn 19 to hang out at these lounges. you make them seem so fun! (of course, with the right people)

  2. oh yea..for lounges you definately need to go with the right people (biggest lesson my friend & I learned last night hahaha)

  3. hope you're doing well...I take a look to your blog when I can but missing to talk you more.I loved the yummy food pictures.I guess I'm a bit hungry now:) do you plan new trips?You've had the best trips I'm trapped in Istanbul...Do you check out my blog?I wrote about Balmain mania in my blog in my last post.LOL.I guess I will check out more Balmain inspired looks.Take care and hope to hear from you soon and more:) (its not a letter is it?hahahah.its my comment:D )

  4. please come visit me in Toronto someday!!! it'll be so much fun hehhe

  5. I hope to visit you one day then..LOL.but you should visit me someday too :)

  6. Is that Chris Reynolds?


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