73. Hong Kong | Victoria Harbour

The colourful city lights of Hong Kong on our evening stroll. We stayed in Central - to get to this side/Kowloon was about a 5min ferry ride.
In my opinion, Hong Kong has the most impressive city skyline! Every night at 8pm they have a "light show" that lasts for 15min. Unfortunately my camera wasn't so good at taking night shots so Google images probably has nicer photos..

The art museum where the Louis Vuitton exhibit was held.

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  1. I'm a big fan of those city lights. It's the kind of thing that would be just perfect to have a view of outside of a bedroom window. I dunno why but I find that kind of lighting soothing and would put me to sleep.
    Some parts of Hong Kong look kind of empty in terms of people walking around which goes against my imagination of bumping into and squeezing by people wherever I go. It's just so.. populated.. but I guess they are masters of space management.
    Then again, it could just seem that way because it's night time I guess.


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