75. Royal Garden Hotel, Guilin, China | *****

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel
Lijiang Road No.186-1
Guilin, China
T: 0773-5688888
E: dyxsb@public.glptt.gx.cn

I really liked this hotel. The service here is excellent and rooms are very clean. If you had a chance to read what I wrote before I deleted it all, this was the hotel with the cute hotel bellboys I talked about in my travel post ;]

Every morning we'd go upstairs to their banquet hall/huge dining room for a buffet breakfast. There was soooo much food - easily the widest selection of food I've ever had at any hotel buffet breakfast. I guess they make food differently there because most things tasted a bit weird to me, even normal white bread. I really liked their noodles.

Unfortunately at the time of my trip I had not expected to do hotel reviews when I got back, so regrettably I do not have a lot of photos from here :(


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  1. I'm so envy of you about the LV exhibit and all your travel pictures.You must have great time!Please take me with you next time LOL :)


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