74. King Edward

So last night was quite an experience..I went to a nightclub and met a Japanese guy who gave me that rose hahah. I usually don't like clubs (prefer lounges) but those people from my hotel I met a couple weeks ago with my friend asked us to go last night so I just went. We got there at 11 I think and left at around 3am. Nightclubs are alright but I wouldn't go back for awhile..they are good when taken in moderation.

At first we got there and ordered cocktails. Just stood around for awhile...then squeezed into the middle of the dancefloor to dance a bit. Then went back upstairs to get another cocktail. That was when we noticed a couple guys dancing in front of us. They looked soo Japanese and had cool hair so they stood out to me. ahhhh remember my vacation post when I talked about my obsession with Japanese boys in Tokyo?? Well these guys looked like them (the hair, the clothes, etc). We're sitting there when suddenly the 2 guys come up to my friend & I and asked us to dance. I ended up staying with my guy for almost the entire night (in the club - didn't let him come home with me!) But now we're still in contact.

Today we went to the lounge/bar at the King Edward Hotel. I prefer this scene more than the nightclub to be honest.
We both got a cosmo..I really liked that bowl of snacks the bartender gave us. They tasted exactly like those bags of nut snacks you get from airplanes. I have such a strange obsession with those! hahah. So we sat here for awhile..all I can say is that it couldn't be more different from last night. Here we lounged around on sofas sipping cocktails, listening to french lounge, talking about life and how we should make a goal this summer - to visit as many different lounges as we can, find the perfect one, and visit there often until we're on first-name basis with all the bartenders. If cocktails weren't so expensive (& if I had people at my disposal) I'd go to a new lounge every night.


  1. LOL i cannot believe you actually made a video there...lol arugfhljflsdjf those japanese guys (though mines was chinese, but the hair!)
    ohhh well, at least we had fun last night (at the hotel i meant)...god i need to sleep

  2. ahaha yea..omg my cell is hopeless at taking pictures. but i just tweaked the settings and now its way better

    i'm not sleeping without my soup!!!! can you please leave julian alone for a few minutes so he can hurry up with it hahaha

  3. I'm sorry, its just that he's my man and right now he's giving me the best back rub in the world..i promise you'll have him in a few moments... :D hahhaha

  4. LOL rubbing your joints ..and probably stabbing your heels for causing all those bruises

  5. yeha (i am not old enough to go to clubs yet) but tbh i know what you mean about not being that kind of person the only thing that could lure me in is good music rofl

  6. clubbing every weekend is tiring, couple of my friends drink and club every week. i don't know how they can manage to even make it to school the next day lol

  7. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris


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