79. Pop the Glock

Me and my friend Joanne - I'm the one on the left.
Last night I went to the Jack Astors patio above Dundas Square with my friends. Nice view and the drinks were cheap.

My drink! It was called "Where's Nemo"
with Hpnotiq + some other good stuff

In the above photo, the blue drink was mine. My friend took this photo so that's why it's way better quality than like..all my cell phone photos put together. After Jack Astor's I came back home by myself. My 2 favourite bartenders were working at my lobby bar, and offered me more drinks. So I sat here for the next couple hours talking with them about school, fashion, life, boys. It was really nice. It's times like these when I really really love living here..



  1. your hair looks really nice =]

    loving the graffiti pareo, i got one in japan!! lol it was alot more expensive there than it is here in NYC...

  2. thanks hahah

    why did you get it then?

  3. i didn't really pay attention to the graffiti line prior so when i saw it in ginza i was like "omg i must have it" lol

    the pareo seems so fragile, i have this feeling i'm going to rip it the first day i wear it

  4. ok i'm so blind i had to look at your batman picture twice to see him. LOL. i seen him today too. he amazing. he didn't blink or move!!!!

  5. hahha yea hes always there! so many women were taking pics with him


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