517. Day 3 | Wuzhen, Hangzhou, West Lake

West Lake show China

I'm currently at a hotel in Hangzhou, using the slowest Internet ever!! I don't think I'm going to get my photos/a post uploaded tonight :( ***Edit: Photos added now/uploaded the next morning!*** It takes forever to load even the Flickr website then my photos keep timing out when I upload. The Internet situation in China is so frustrating. All the hotels have slow Internet and the other issue of course is all the blocked websites (which I now found a way around, but still annoying)

I will try again tomorrow and but I didn't want to break my daily uploading streak (3 and counting..lol) . I posted a few up on my Instagram though if you want to take a look, and I've also been uploading a lot to Snapchat which I should probably slow down on...if I don't want to be hit with an astronomical roaming phone bill when I'm back (which I always do after a vacation)

So today we went to Wuzhen, some parks, West Lake and watched an amazing show there. Wuzhen is a really historic village that has been around for over a thousand years already I think. We sailed on a little wooden boat through the canal. The West Lake show we went to see at night was so good. It was an acrobatic performance. Probably my favourite so far that I've seen in China, and everywhere else.

I'll try to post more in-depth tomorrow. Now I will go to sleep and wake up in 5 hours.

Wuzhen canals China
Wuzhen China
Hangzhou China
West Lake China



  1. This reminds me of my internet connection in Capri...

    1. I was literally thinking of that hahah...at least you persisted through it!

    2. Nice to finally see the photos that go with the post!


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