526. Day 12 | Big Buddha

Big Buddha Hong Kong
I've been to Hong Kong many times before and have never visited the Big Buddha on Lantau Island until today! I went with my mom and sister. It was extremely hot today and the sun was shining the whole day. I wish it could have been a bit cooler, but otherwise it was the perfect day to visit. Here I am walking up the hundreds of steps. Photo taken by my sister.

After that, we went to the Wisdom Path which consisted of half cut tree trunks, with words of wisdom written on them. The view was beautiful.

Wisdom Path Lantau Island
sunset Hong Kong
Times Square Hong Kong
Grass Jelly tofu dessert
One of my favourite things about visiting Hong Kong is the vast amounts of my favourite desserts. After dinner we went to a place for tofu dessert. I got it with grass jelly. So good!! I love grass jelly.

I think we are going to walk around and do some more shopping tomorrow. Then the next morning we are leaving Hong Kong (for a few days though!)..will reveal the destination when we are there. I can't wait!

Sorry for the quick update today. I'm sooo sleepy right now with no energy to do a more detailed post.



  1. I have never been to the Big Buddha, so I always have a reason to go back to HK...

    1. lol most people I know never been..my sister lived there for 2 years and that was her first time going as well. Even my aunt who lived in HK all her life never visited..


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