522. Day 8 | China Pavilion, Tianzifang, Xintiandi

China Pavilion Shanghai

I can't believe it has now been 1 week since we came to Shanghai!! The time went by so fast, yet it seems like we've been here for way longer than a week already. I'm already starting to dread going home. Even though we still have quite a bit of time left on our trip and 3 more places to visit. There has been typhoons going on in Hong Kong this past week and another one today I think. Shanghai is affected by it as well so it has been raining here nonstop the past few days (literally nonstop!! Today we got caught in a torrential downpour). Really unfortunate but I'm glad the days when we had our tour was nicer weather, since we did a lot of walking outdoors for those and I'm most happy we had good weather going up to Huangshan that day. Hong Kong is actually our next stop, so I hope the typhoon today will be the last.

Today my aunt went with my mom and I to the China Pavilion (now an art museum), Tianzifeng and Xintaidi. I mentioned this in a previous post that I was excited to visit a certain place since 2010. I was referring to the China Pavilion from the World Expo 2010. Back then I had made a (now deleted) blog post of all my favourite pavilions from the Expo. Unfortunately all have now been taken down except the China one, which is in the photo above. It is now an art gallery. We didn't have a lot of time to spend here but we went to see the most famous painting called "Along the River during the Qingming Festival". It's a digital painting in the gallery, spread across the entire wall with moving animations. It was very beautiful. Every few minutes, the entire scene changes from day to night.

Along the River during the Qingming Festival
China Art Museum chairs

Afterwards, we went to an area called Tianzifang then an area called Xintiandi. Both very popular. Tianzifang is more historic and with a lot of little shops while Xintiandi is more modern and luxurious. I really enjoyed them both but really wish it wasn't raining the whole time. I would like to return to Shanghai someday to properly explore..in better weather.

The first cat cafe I ever saw! They were so adorable. At first I didn't even see that tiny white one in the corner.

Cat Cafe
Tianzifang Shanghai



  1. The digital painting looks impressive! I visited Xintiandi as well; probably one of the places that I could relate to most (being from Europe).

    1. It does remind me of Europe alot there!


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