524. Day 10 | PVG to HKG

Ye Olde Station Shanghai

We've arrived in Hong Kong!! Our two-hour flight over from Shanghai ended up getting delayed by 2 hours, so our trip over took twice as long. My sister and a few of my aunts came to pick us up from the airport. We flew with Hong Kong Airlines for the first time, which seems to be quite a new airline. As we did the baggage drop, they told me to go into the baggage check room as there was an issue with my luggage. I had to open it for them and then they confiscated my nail polish and nail polish remover (which had very very little left...and was in my checked luggage anyway - not carry on!). A bit strange because that has never happened to me before with any other airline. Not sure why I wasn't allowed to bring that on as they even sold nail polish in the duty free shops which means it is allowed on the plane.

Also one thing I'm really happy about is having fast and reliable Internet again. & not having to go through the hassle of signing onto my VPN every time. It was really challenging in China..the Internet is extremely slow and always suddenly disconnects.

Today for our final meal in Shanghai, we went to a restaurant called Ye Olde Station for traditional Shanghai food. I loved the restaurant's atmosphere and the food was amazing as well. It is set in a historic building dating back to the 1800s. It was once a monastery then remodelled into a train station. The restaurant had a lot of antiques on display with a few old train carriages set out back (see photo above). It doesn't have a Michelin star just yet but it is one of their "recommended restaurants" in their guide. We had such amazing food in Shanghai...really going to miss it!!

Ye Olde Station Shanghai
Pudong Airport Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong Airport

Shanghai to Hong Kong

I'm starting to really dislike flying. I used to love being on long-haul flights (because it meant I was going on vacation) but now vacations are more common for me and I always look forward to the destination so much I just wish I could get there quicker. After the super long 14-hr trip over from Canada, this 2-hr flight over seemed like nothing. Even with the delay. Then I realized when we go back to Toronto it will be like 7 times the length of this flight lol :s Not looking forward to that..

Hong Kong harbour

Probably the worst quality photo I will ever post on here lol. It is the view of the sea flying into Hong Kong..look at the sea of boats/ships/yachts down there! There are sooo many of them. The view from the plane was so nice, but impossible to capture in a photo.



  1. Ah, it's nice to have fast internet after such an experience. Can't see muchh on your last photo. The view must have been better in real life!

    1. lol I'm sure you can relate after Capri. The view was so beautiful!! That's why I had to post it for the memory even though the photo quality is horrible


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