519. Day 5 | Huangshan / Yellow Mountain

Huangshan mountains

Today, we went up Huangshan. I didn't know of this mountain until we booked our trip and saw it on the itinerary. I then Google'd photos of it and recognized the scene of their cable cars going up the mountain. I'm pretty sure I've seen it on Instagram several times before and had always wanted to visit. I had been looking forward to it the entire trip and it was actually a lot more impressive than I had imagined. The scenery going up, and on the mountain was stunning. Even better because it's Autumn now so some of the leaves changed colours. I kept taking photos non-stop, wanting to capture all the views. But it's the type of place you have to visit and actually see for yourself as photos do not do justice. When we were going up in the cable cars, we were so high up it felt like we were just floating in the middle of nowhere. & We were tiny compared to all the mountains looming over us. All the fog and clouds also added to the atmosphere.

The drive along the way was very nice as well. It's rural China so a lot of farmland. The area is extremely mountainous. I LOVE driving through rural areas, in China especially, possibly because I live a completely different lifestyle (in the middle of a large urban city) so it's quite interesting to see. All the scenery was really beautiful and picturesque.

Huangshan cable cars

The cable car ride is about 20 minutes. Then we get off at the top and walked for maybe 1.5-2 hours? Here is what it looks like at the top. There were a lot of parts where the steps were hanging off the side of the cliffs (you can see this photo I posted on my Instagram). We climbed up and down a LOT of steps. I've never had such strenuous exercise like that since climbing the Great Wall of China last year lol. But this wasn't as bad because the steps were even and there were more flat surfaces and places to stop along the way. I enjoyed this more than the Great Wall actually.


After that we went to walk around this historic area. I'm not sure what the English name for it is (will find out when I make a full post on this place). I love walking around these types of places as well. There were a lot of interesting things to see in all the shops, including this bird. I thought the yellow markings were its eyes at first but it actually isn't (if you look closely you can see). It knew how to speak a few words.

After that we had dinner, watched another cultural performance show then came back to the hotel quite late.

Time to sleep now. Will be getting about 4 hours of sleep tonight lol. Then tomorrow we are going back to Shanghai!



  1. It must have been so exciting to ride on the cable cars! I would have enjoyed this for sure!

    1. The cable cars was my favourite..such a surreal feeling riding through the mountains!

  2. wow this is so beautiful! makes me wanna visit <3


    1. you should go someday if you get a chance!


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