520. Day 6 | Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden
Today was the final day of our tour (that we joined..not of the whole Asia trip!). It went by really fast. We drove all the way from Huangshan back to Shanghai, which took about 6 hours. By the time we got to Shanghai, it was already early evening. Luckily my mom and I are staying in Shanghai for a few more days as we have some relatives here and they will be taking us around. I think the most famous landmark of Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl Tower. We saw it from a distance today..it's really beautiful and colourful. It constantly changes colours and sparkles. I can't wait to explore more of the city and The Bund! Also there is one place I've wanted to visit in Shanghai since 2010. That should be a clue for what it is lol..I actually posted about it on my secondary blog back then (now deleted). Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit.

Today in Shanghai we went around this place called Yuyuan (or Yu) Garden. I loved it there. Lots of street food and "xiaolongbao". I loved the old style of buildings and streets there.

Shanghai Starbucks
Xiaolongbao Shanghai
Shanghai street food
Huangshan China

On a side note - the worst thing about China is the toilet situation. Most of them you have to squat. & most of them are really dirty with no toilet paper. I encountered two of the worst today. It was raining the whole day (in Huangshan and Shanghai). The first one we were at this museum and I had to go...the washroom was kind of in a small separate building on its own, at the back. Not even a building. Maybe just a small shed. So I walked out in the rain and when I got there I see it just opened into one stall. There were no lights inside and it was just a hole in the ground. I had no choice but to use it lol..just the worst scenario I thought, in the dark and all wet from the rain. No sink to wash my hands either. But that wasn't the worst. The second one..we made a pit stop for lunch along the highway. The building we went into was this food court, half under construction. It turns out the washrooms were not built yet so they had porta pottys. It was still raining at this time. Porta pottys are the worst, even if they are actual sitting toilets. But these were squatting porta pottys, with the most horrible smell inside. Nowhere to wash our hands there either.

Sorry to end this post in this way lol. On a more positive note, since our tour has now ended..we get to sleep in a bit later tomorrow morning! Well, waking up at 7am (in 5 hours) instead of 5am wake ups like we did the past several days.



  1. I visited this garden when I was in Shanghai! It looks impressive at night. I don't remember much about the toilets... I guess I've erased these memories from my brain, lol.

    1. Shanghai seems to be the most beautiful when explored at night! lol yea it would not be a pleasant memory


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