532. Day 18 | Osaka back to Hong Kong

Osaka Castle

Today we returned back to Hong Kong from Osaka! We had a late afternoon/evening flight so we had the morning free. We visited Osaka Castle then went to a "Premium Outlets" for shopping before our flight. I actually don't like outlets back in North America but the one at Osaka was pretty good..I ended up buying a few things I really love! I mostly got winter/fall clothes here which should be good for when we return back to Toronto (not looking forward to it)..as I heard it's quite cold there now. By the way, here in Hong Kong now it's still in the high 20s/30 degrees.

The past few posts I made on here were quite lengthy so this will be a short post because I have to go to sleep now..almost 2:30am here. Just finished watching The Conjuring (for maybe my fifth time?!) with my sister and uncle..now I'm the only one still left awake so I'm kind of scared lol.

Rihga Royal Hotel Halloween
Rihga Royal Hotel breakfast
Osaka trees

All the dogs in Japan are sooo beautiful and cute! Especially this one we saw today!! She just sat and stared at her owner the whole time while he was eating. Makes me miss mine!


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